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I grew up in New York but have been in LA for thirteen years. Over time, my mom and my brother have moved out too and my East Coast friends have slowly left the city, save for my hedge-fundy pals who have now just taken over entire buildings (hi, C!) We want to stop in NYC with the kids before heading up to Nantucket this summer and so now I’m researching my hometown’s hotels which is something I’ve never had to do before. Well the internet schooled me and schooled me hard. What I learned is this: Airbnb – a family travel mainstay – is simply depressing. Somehow every post epitomizes the dreary, cramped Manhattan apartment of my youth, making me wanna stay put – why leave this beautiful bougainvillea? Even the expensive properties just feel all wrong. And while hotel life can be pretty rough because of cost and space, at least you’re psyched to enter a beautifully designed lobby after a long day of shlepping children around town. I just discovered The Marlton, which I am a little obsessed with as an option. While the rooms are itty-bitty, it’s in a dream location (Greenwhich Village), is super reasonable (multiple rooms!) and it’s super duper gorgeous (think: Left Bank meets old New York). I also imagine that real out-of-towners would be totally into its stunning indoor courtyard-esque restaurant, Margaux. No third floor walk-up into an exposed brick, one random red wall, dormitory inspired space here! Small but pretty always wins in my race.

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  1. Ronni Wadler 3 years ago

    Looks terrific! Thanks, will try next time!

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