The Shingle Life

The Shingle Life

File this post under: Desperate for East Coast Charm. While I’m a New York transplant who lives in LA, I’ve grown to have “Best Coast” pride. I love what this city once was and also what it has become. I feel #blessed to raise my children here. That said, I miss the coolness of New York. And I bloody hell miss the charm of New England. So I decided that I need some time in Nantucket to get my fix of clapboard, hydrangeas, and Something Natural. We’re leaving on Friday but I already I lined up some fun stuff: bouquet-picking at a local farm, cooking lessons with Kaity Farrell from Fare Isle, and an ivy-league bred babysitter for the week. Now it’s a family vacation so the only thing that can go wrong is everything, but at least we will be surrounded by boater tees and white denim if it goes to shit. We’re renting a house with friends so we won’t be staying at the iconic White Elephant (pictured) but plan to stop by for a preppy cocktail. Otherwise you can find me riding a rental bike – maybe trailed by a laughing child, or perusing the legendary lighthouse – maybe trailed by a screaming child, but regardless, I will be happy to be on old turf.


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