Suit Yourself

Suit Yourself

So my friend Melissa dared me to find a chic, “high-end tankini” and write a post on it. To that I said, Well I can’t, but my response to her tankini crucification was that there are bathing alternatives (shall we call them) that are still super chic. For instance, I am obsessed with these J. Crew blouson-ish suits that are clearly made for ladies who gave birth at the on-set of summer (or for those who are just still feeling fleshy after baby’s arrival.) I swear that they are super stylish on, especially with a great sun hat or bold accessory. I actually ordered this tan asymetrical style, though I don’t plan to wear it on Safari but rather by my pool while celebrating the fourth with some friends.

Wishing you a great holiday!


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  1. Renee Klein 6 years ago

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS POST!! More chic (and cheap!!) clothes for mommies who don’t have their pre-baby bodies back, nor their pre-baby budgets!!!

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