Speaking Italian

Speaking Italian

A few years ago Jon and I took a ten day Italian road trip. We started in Puglia and then drove to the ancient city of Matera, into Positano and Ravello and ended up in Rome. We totally jacked a friend’s itinerary so I didn’t properly do my research, causing me to miss out on what I believe to be my dream hotel. I associate the Coppola family and their immaculate taste with a few prime destinations: Japan, Paris, Belize, and of course, Italy. So how could I not visit their Palazzo Margherita, which looks like a Pinterest-perfect Euro oasis? Maybe because it’s embedded in the non destination-y city of Bernalda, an area where you kind of just pass through. But what I didn’t know is that you can bike to the Ionian Sea by way of pine forests and orchards. You can learn how to make handmade pasta on the property. You can visit terracotta studios. And the suite that Sofie Copes helped design has very, very special wallpaper. So next time I am cruising in my Fiat through the Italian countryside, I will make sure to take a detour.


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