Southern Cross That Off

Southern Cross That Off

When your husband will not fly over seas with your five year old but you are obsessed with interesting travel, you start researching domestic trips like a mother fucker (and it’s usually over a glass of Rose.) I sorted through some good spots like Blackberry Farms (a fortune for a family of five), Dunton Springs (too out-doorsy for my littlest) and San Juan Islands (which sounds dope…still being considered!) But the destination that seems like a no-brainer for an early summer get-away is Charleston, SC. And while it seems like it has everything – culture, beauty and beach – I do admit that a huge draw is the Zero George hotel which basically hemorrhages charm. I imagine swinging on the front porch with the girls as the sun goes down and waving in the Southern beauty that I haven’t experienced since I was a kid. Maybe someone is climbing all over me, maybe someone isn’t, but at least I’m not trekking across Iceland while carrying a Kindergartner. Because if it’s up to me I’ll do that trek while carrying a first grader.

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