Lone Star

Lone Star

I’m so obsessed with traveling but unfortunately three little people tend to hold me back. So my goal is to take “doable” adventures – most of which will have to be domestic (for now). I’ve had a thing about venturing to Marfa, and found the perfect travel companion who is also up for an art-filled West Texas adventure…Mi madre! I’m half-way to convincing her that the famously kitchy El Cosmico, an expansive property with groovy hued trailers, teepees and yurts, is the way to go. She kiboshed anything without a private bathroom (I know, so wimpy), so…trailor for two, please. From there we will gallery hop, do a food truck tour, and maybe try on cowboy boots. Things you do. I’m not saying that a trailer is the ultimate destination after a three hour drive after a two hour flight, but it is more palatable than that Nicaraguan adventure I’m dying to take. Plus…the Prada store!


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