Going Back to Cali

Going Back to Cali

When I start to fantasize about traveling to exotic locales like Bhutan, I try remind myself of all the natural beauty that’s right here in California. Being a person who always wants to try something new, I feel as if I’ve exhausted my local options. But San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara is one of the few places that I would joyfully visit for a second, third and fourth time. If you love being surrounded by fragrant lilacs and lush greenery as much as I do, you’ll also become immediately obsessed. It’s crazy romantic in a secret garden kind of way, but not like a secret English garden, but the rare kind that is nestled in the foothills of Santa Barbara. You stay in a charming little cottage which is the best kind of hotel room, if you ask me. And then there’s the food which is…how you say…”Mwah!” It might just be the fantasy vacation spot for an adventurous Bhutanese woman.

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