Day of the Dead Serious

Day of the Dead Serious

You haven’t seen a vacation rental until you’ve been to Hyder House in San Miguel D’Allende, which I had the pleasure of visiting a few weeks ago for my friend’s 40th blow-out. Seriously, I’ve never. Owned by a wealthy Texan family, it’s decked out in rich fabrics, decorative mirrors, Mexican art, and sleeps over twenty. It’s hard to get your hands on a key, but if you can maneuver it, it’s worth the flight and the two hour drive, as the in-land colonial town has a gorgeous, European feel. And while the house has the vibe of an exclusive boutique hotel, it still has space for one hundred of your closest friends to have a sit-down dinner, drink a lot of tequila, dance to a Rodarte-approved deejay and get their face painted in Dia de los Muertos looks. In other words, leave the kids at home (I did!)

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