Country Strong

Country Strong

You know how every now and then you take a bomb trip that is hard to follow up? That’s what happened last May when we visited Paris-Provence-Cap Ferrat with two of our best friends. One of them had gone on anxiety meds right before we left and the other read like, a periodical about city planning in France on the flight over. So when we arrived they were the perfect combo of being ready to party…And educate! A highlight of the trip was our hotel in Provence, Crillon le Brave, which I found with the help of my friend Micahel Albanese of Element Lifestyle. Upon our 1:00 AM arrival, the staff brought us wine, huge platters of fruit, cheese and charcuterie. We put on sleeping masks while we grazed to fully play out the midnight snack joke. Oh you know. Thirty (a-hem!) year olds gettin’ crazy. The following days were about long walks to the farmer’s market and day tripping to small villages. It was so freakishly relaxing that SSRIs were barely needed.

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