Macaroon on Bella Finds

Macaroon on Bella Finds

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by , owner and editor of Macaroon Original

Zoe is the owner of where she writes about fashionable finds for moms. You can also find her extolling the virtues of form over function on twitter @MacaroonOrig.

When I had my first daughter, I instantly fell in love with children’s room décor. Two more daughters later, and I was officially in design bliss. Here are some of my favorite finds for little girl’s spaces:

Eva & Oli Storage Baskets

For some reason, finding cool toy storage is a challenge. They’re too cutesy, too bland or too collapsible. Once I discovered these Eva & Oli star bins in beautiful muted shades, however, I scooped up different sizes in a range of colors.

Soft Gallery Pillow

I covet anything from this Danish company. Soft Gallery makes quirky, stylish clothes and amazing throw pillows and bedding. My three year old has their rose sequin dog pillow on her bed and I have my eye on this peacock version for my youngest.

Aimee Wilder Tiger Wallpaper

I’ve been designing my next house for the past seven years (ever since I’ve been living in my current home!) At some point, this gold tiger wallpaper from Aimee Wilder will go up in someone’s room, coupled with hot pink dip dyed curtains.

Rex Kelly Replica Eames Hang It All

The accumulation of back-packs, jackets, umbrellas and totes has quickly taken up prime real estate in the closets. This retro hang–it–all keeps it all tidy: meaning, off the floors and away from the closets.

400% Shoko Nakagawa Be@rbrick

Nope! It doesn’t look as if I’ll have a son. But my obsession with robots doesn’t have to be sacrificed with these little lady-friendly pink figures by Shoko Nakagawa.

Highland Wood Natural Wood Baby Gym

Let’s just say that baby gyms are not known for lovely design. A little research led me to this minimal wooden style from Highland Wood – which kept my baby entertained for plenty of precious moments.

Hansa Giant Plush Ewe

I know, I know…Placing this in a nursery might come across as psycho. But I happen to think that any little one would love to wake up in the morning to this friendly face (meaning, ewe – not you).

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