Macaroon feature on Mom Inc!

Macaroon feature on Mom Inc!

Featured Designing Mom: Zoe Schaeffer of Macaroon Original

by CAT on AUGUST 1, 2011

“Word of Mouth” is at a whole other level when it comes to motherhood…childcare, bottles, scooter brands, docs. I have never listened or shared more intensely. Today we have stylist and writer Zoe Schaeffer from the fab Macaroon Original recommending her favorite sites and brands. Zoe has two beautiful daughters, co-owned popular LA Boutique Presse, was an assistant to Anna Sui and beauty editor for magazines like Self… Phew! Her dossier is quite impressive and am thankful to have her lend some finds!

1) Smallable — Designer clothing, furniture, decor and toys for children from 0 to 12

“When I’m looking to be inspired or make that special splurge, I visit this Parisian e-tailer. The buying is impeccable and there are tons of things you can’t find here in the States.”

2) Jess Brown — Rag dolls: Hand-made & One of a kind

“I’m in love with these fanciful little dolls and have been ever since I discovered them while on a trip to San Francisco. They are special, chic, and totally collectible. I am slowly building a collection for my two girls.”

3) Romp — Toys, Dolls & Decor

“I heard a rumor this store is closing which is such a shame. They have artsy, eco, hand-made toys that are quirky and off-beat. It’s a well curated shop with special little finds. I particularly love the Shwe Shwe Friends key-rings which I hang on the girl’s backpacks. They remind me of the Prada robot versions that everyone had a few years back.”

4) Little Bean — Unique. Kids. Shop

“This Dallas-based store is such a gem. My mom tripped upon it years ago and it’s been a go-to for gifts ever since. It carries special lines like Little Warrior and Dagmar Daley.”

5) Donna Wilson — Critters and Products for you & your home

“I give Donna Wilson so much love, it’s insane. She makes these stylish little “critters” which are fun to throw on a rocking chair as well as these Nos Da “poufs” with which I am obsessed. We have a peach one in my older daughter’s room and she sits on it and braids my hair.”

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