Wings of love

Wings of love

My hi-lar-i-ous friend Daryl says that we, cool girls (especially we, cool writers) like to use a single verb as an entire sentence. Like: “Love.” or “Obsessed.”  It’s so true…..isn’t one emphatic word enough when you want to describe something fabulous? I am partial to the single adjective as an entire sentence. Like: “Sick.” or “Beyond.” But that’s just me. So in conveying my adoration for these Atsuyo et Akiko wings (which I am buying for my very cool friends Darren and Candace’s daughter for her first birthday, I decided) there are few ways other than to be absurdly simple (and what some clearly find just absurdly annoying.) So below….the perfect find for your edgiest friend’s kid…..Insane.


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  1. ml 8 years ago

    And their flowered hairbands!

  2. DK 8 years ago


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