Welcome To My Crib

Welcome To My Crib

It’s hard to believe that my very hands-on, very competent husband – the same person who is taking our four year old on a daddy/daughter ski trip to Deer Valley – is also the same person who asked me if it was okay that Rafi was drinking salad dressing straight out of the container (What?! No it’s not.) And the same person, as I’ve written before, who gave our children Pinkberry toppings for breakfast one morning. The latest is his giving Rafi our travel blankets to use in her crib. That’s right, the ones we use on the plane. “But she loves it.” But she would also love anything from an Hermes cashmere throw to a Glad trash bag if we laid it on her, so…? Luckily while cruising Opening Ceremony with Gemma this past week, I spotted these seriously covetable Bonton chunky knit baby blankets in gorgeous colors like teal gray, mustard yellow and watermelon. And a plus would be that they haven’t been draped across germ infested airline seats.



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