Water and power

Water and power

This week my friend Eve and I are taking the kids to “Conrad,” the swim wisperer of Los Angeles. He teaches by force, meaning, the kids are going under whether they like it or not. You might think we are bad parents but we really just prioritize water safety. Because apparently by Day 5 the munchkins are doing the freakin’ crawl. On Day 1 however, everyone was screaming bloody murder. Bloody. Murder. Gemma worked herself up so much that she puked. And then her friend Zach saw her puke, so he puked. Like Stand By Me style. However, by her third turn, she announced that she wasn’t going to cry anymore, and swam to Conrad with a smile and has been doing so ever since. I’m really not sure where she gets her strong will! This post is a testament to the power of conviction, because I realized that it starts very early on. And it can’t hurt to throw on a cute suit while you’re saying, I think I can.


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