Vision Quest

Vision Quest

We decided to move our girls into the same room once Rafi is old enough for a bed because we think it will be good for their sisterly bond. And every time I think I’m going to be met with resistance, they both seem down for the merger. Excited, in fact. So of course I’ve been designing the space in my head for months, but when Gemma announced that she wanted a bunk bed, my game was thrown. Out went my vision for matching white knobbed twin beds with different stuffed Unicorn heads above each one. And then the quiet hunt began ans what I arrived at was this: in a girly room with petal pink and fuchsia Florence Broadhurst wallpaper, sleek furniture will offer the best style balance. And when I turned to Ouef, my favorite “sleek” furniture line, I found what has now become my new vision…..


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