Undercover angel

Undercover angel

Sister-in-law: “I knew you’d get that bedding for Gemma.”

Zoe: “What? You mean from Pottery Barn Kids? It’s not the fancy French set I blogged about.”

Though it looks pretty damn close. But when a three-year-old announces that she is done with diapers for the long over-night haul, you better hope your bedding is pee-pee worthy. Strategically, I placed the Scholten & Baijing cashmere throw at the foot of her bed and at night it gets rolled up, out of harm’s way. Now we’re thinking! And stylish over-night undies are a must, now aren’t they? Fortunately I found these darling owl and star briefs from April Showers, the company that makes the sheets about which I blogged. And now S.I.L. can say, “I knew you’d get her those undies.”



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