Under My Umba-rella

Under My Umba-rella

Despite a T Magazine article stating that shopping seasons are now obsolete, I still feel the same gentle rush of excitement over incoming September merchandise as I did when I went back-to-school shopping at Benetton. And while Barney’s may not be fully stocked yet (refer to T article for details!) sweet chunky knits, scarves and ponchos for kiddos are making their way into stores and e-shops. Here, my fave brand-right-this-moment, Bobo Choses, and just about the cutest umbrella sweater that you wish your gram whipped up for your son (which would never happen because who’s grandma is that cool?) And yet, when Gemma stepped out of her room this morning in a reversible print flair skirt, a home-made tie-dyed tank, bracelets stacked on both wrists and ankles and…wait for it…a side pony, I got yet another flashback to my United Colors days.


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