Travel Light

Travel Light

The grandmas are eager to get Rafi a graduation gift, as leaving Kindergarten is a big deal at our school. When they made the mistake of asking her what she wanted, she was like, “a princess doll, please.” That’s when I took the reigns. I thought that a small person’s luggage – potentially monogrammable and rollable – would be a sweet gesture in prep for upcoming summer trips. Naturally I was given the research job which was pretty much an epic fail. Everything felt too toddler-y, too precious. However, my all time favorite luggage company, Steamline, does make carry-ons which can be dragged around – and there is even a rosy hue that screams Kinder Girl. Sure the price isn’t pretty and the leather prevents a sweet name stamp but at least it’s something she can grow into rather than out of. Plus nothing says “Graduation” more than wanting to pack up and leave.

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