Swing Out Sisters

Swing Out Sisters

This is a post dedicated to my friend Allison whom I just found out follows this blog. She is basically the spokesperson for mothers of three girls and has helped me understand how special the dynamic can be. Her oldest just got back from Tripp Lake Camp in Maine, which is basically what many New York transplants do out here: we send them on over to New England to have a traditional East Coast sleep away camp experience-much like I had-sans slouchy EG socks and whipped cheese in a can. (Did I just date myself?) For years now, I’ve dreamed of my girls going to camp with my New York friend’s kids so they can not only have that bond, but get some East Coast edge to boot. So no. Malibu “camp” will not be for us. And did I mention that Tripp Lake is all girls? Below, my favorite splurge for my three lady bugs: Jess Brown. 

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