Stencil me in

Stencil me in

One of my many issues is that I tend to obsess over things. Once I find something I want, I will dream about it and how to get it until I make it happen. I can’t seem to let things go (lost loves, grudges, and admitted mistakes, unfortunately included.) If you read this blog you’ll know that I am fixated on finding my kids a fabulous tee-pee but that I’m disappointed by everything in the market. But a few months ago, my friend Stacy told me about Karen Kimmel, who’s an artist extradonnaire with an insane line of stencils for kids (which are so chic, you’d never imagine they’re for tikes.) While reading the Style Section in the Times last Sunday, I came across a huge Crew Cuts ad with the dopest tee-pee I ever did see. The web addresses of the spread’s collaborators were included on the page and you can guess who was involved in the process. Not shocked, I emailed Karen immediately. Next month I am visiting her studio to customize what will hopefully shut me up from now on in. Ahh, a tee-pee of my very own. Wait, I mean, for my kids…..


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