Small wonder

Small wonder

I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful new year and overall holiday season! I, for one, am happy to resume to our regularly scheduled program. I get thrown when Jon is home more than usual and our go-to Thai place isn’t even open. I am what you call a creature of habit, I guess. In response to last year’s continuous gluttony of gifts, this year we tried to do fewer but that are thoughtful or special. l  I’d like to thank Babyccino, one of my favorite kids blogs, for introducing me to Severina dolls, a charming, quirky and super fashionable collection out of Spain (I wanted the one in a sequined hand-sewn jacket but sadly, it had sold.) However ours came in a nubby chocolate vest, Stella McCartney-ish cropped pants, and our hairstyle du jour, Princess Leya buns. It’s sure to inspire more than one winter outfit selection in our house.


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