Sleepy Town

Sleepy Town

Last weekend I met my girlfriends from college at the Ojai Valley Inn for some good ol’ fashion girl time. We gabbed about horrendous exes, got lost on bikes, soaked in the jaccuz, and got tipsy on two whole glasses of wine (no this is not my party crew.) I shacked up with my bestie Natalie who came in from New York – the only one who didn’t leave little ones behind. Being whisked off to some private island in the Bahamas next weekend by a man she just met makes me want to live vicariously through her. It’s easy to forget how freedom can be so free-ing. Below, a super cool sleeper for different type of sleepover. It’s the kind where no one is talking about having broken up with someone because he “didn’t hail a cab with authority.” (True story.)

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