Respecting customs

Respecting customs

Today I went to the amazing Karen Kimmel‘s studio in far-away Atwater Village (got insanely lost, started bawling, and had to pull over a Highway Patrolman, natch) to pow-wow about out the custom tee-pee she is  creating for me. More on that later. But the meeting got me thinking about how special it is to personalize things (even if it’s just a groovy label or a vintage patch on a sweater.)  I heard about this cool piece-it-together party site, Acme Party Box, and tripped upon the most darling autumnal little “Woodland Crown.” It’s handmade and uses both vintage and new millinery and can be customized (I said the magic woooord) to your liking. And after celebrating my little one’s first birthday last week, I imagined all the Fall birthday parties to come. I sense an October Fairy theme in my future. And….SCENE.


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  1. tada! shop 9 years ago

    ok i am so excited to check out the site acme party box. thank you for introducing me to it.

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