Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Newsflash: kids are narcissistic. It’s as if they literally haven’t figured out that other people have needs. Even when they are old enough to do things on their own, they expect to be waited on. Like little kings and queens. I once heard Jerry Seinfeld say that he trails his nine year old daughter around the house, carrying the tail of her bathrobe as if it were a royal robe. Our family therapist does this thing when we tell her something that she finds ridiculous; she clutches the arms of her chair and says, “I have to look up!” (I guess toward God or something). She did this when we told her that our Kindergartener won’t get out of bed until Jon comes in and helps her get dressed and brush her teeth. She said, “Why don’t you just make her a crown and fan her while you’re at it!?” She then asked us who runs our house. I was like, Um, we do? (Wrong. The answer was “them.”) I guess I’m not helping matters when I prop my four year old on one of my shoulders and sing, “She’s Your Queen To Be” from Coming to America. In effort to gain back some control (and some dignity), we’ve had to have some major sit-downs. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t crown them just once in a while. Here, the most stunning fresh flower garland from my favorite local florist, Flower Girl LA. For those times when we don’t feel like ruling.


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