Pin Terest

Pin Terest

Pin Terest

An Easter egg hunt at my sister-in-law’s house turned into a lice party when we found ourselves getting “the comb through” after a shared t-ball helmut gave my (now buzzed) nephew a bout of buggers. As a card carrying member of the five-time lice surviver club, my memories are just nasty. But these days it’s different: a pleasant lady named Wendy will come to your house, comb through your hair in front of Nick Jr, and then rinse you in a peppermint oil treatment. The girl’s curls were all deemed louse – free and in honor of that, I wanted to post these beautiful Macon & Lesquoy bobbi pins. We should all be wearing hearts in our hair this week!

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  1. Love 6 years ago

    Love it like always!

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