Party Your Booty

Party Your Booty

If you’re like me, you have a friend having a baby every month. And for a while, I was into the he’ll-grow-into-it gifts but now I’m back in love with buying true, newbornie stuff. I’ve always loved the beautiful brand Coral and Tusk but now I love it even more since I checked out their clean, new website. It makes me homesick for those hand-made, artsy finds that seem to pop up only in Brooklyn. I’m convinced these funky little booties will be my buys for “winter babies” (and you know who you are, you Scorpio and Sag boo-boos) and the array of colors and embroideries will make you want to boot every lil footsie in sight.

*Raise your hand if you caught the Stevie B. subject line 



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