Overnight Mask

Overnight Mask

My four year old, Cleo, is still into the whole layering thing. Last night she slept in shorts and a tank top over her pajamas, with a bathrobe, and topped it all off with a cat mask. She came into my room at midnight, clutching her neon star pillow, claiming nightmares about beetles. Lemme just tell you what it’s like to wake up from a deep slumber to a miniature human wearing a cat mask. Your mind doesn’t quite know how to process the visual, even if REM has not yet kicked in. Startled, I picked her up and stuffed her under the covers and waited for her to fall back asleep. For all I know she dreamt about mice. As an ode to my little kitten, I’m posting about Curious Fair – my favorite new discovery – an incredibly cool UK-based events company that creates the most incredible animal masks. I’m privy to the red fox and owl, myself. They’re perfect for a party, a festive outing, or of course, a cat nap.





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