Oh dear

Oh dear

I’m adding the final touches to my daughter’s new bedroom and have to face the large, blank wall over her bed. How do I fill that space? Well as anyone knows, you can’t hang shit over a bed if you’re in California for fear of a Richter Scale situation (I try to avoid the “E” word whenever possible.) My husband and mother-in-law bawled me out when I tried to negotiate a Rug Company flamingo wall hanging. But then again Jon was thrown out of his bed, still drunk from a high school party during the 1994 valley earthquake. He gets his own version of Vietnam flashbacks to this day. Luckily, the most amazing option was a huge Tamar Mogendorff stuffed sequinned-antler deer head which, if she dare fall off the wall, will simply become a happy addition to Gemmie’s animal collection.




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