Night Light

Night Light

We are going through an effing shit storm of a sleeping transition right now and the only thing that is giving me perspective is that every one of my friends has a newborn or is about to have one. We’re all in the trenches together. As my friend Eve (‘s baby nurse) said, “think of the community of moms who are up feeding their babies at 3AM while you are up doing the same thing.” Sweet point. Literally, it’s a nice thought. For about a minute or two and then I want to jump out the window. Personally, I love the one year mark, when you can deck out the crib with blankets and animals. It’s a good sleeping time when the baby is too young to manipulate going to bed but is also sleeping the entire night. This cheerful Aden + Anais blanket gives me hope that at some point, I will indeed get my rest again. It also doubles as a playmat until that one year mark hits.


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