New York state of mind

New York state of mind

We’re off to the Hamptons tomorrow with a two year old to whom I promised I’d help collect shells. I bought her this bag to represent a piece of LA madness while we comb the shore.  I used to do the-back-and forth New York/Los Angeles thing every few weeks when I was first dating my husband and now it feels like the trip is the production of a lifetime. Do we have enough pajamas. Don’t forget the star blanket. Charge the DVD player. We’ll need more snacks. It’s like on and on…..And the forecast is……


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  1. Maia 9 years ago

    Enjoy the shore! We’ll be in the heat of the city this weekend for the trade shows…now that I no longer live in NY, I have to admit I even look forward to the Big Apple in August! Can’t wait.

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