Mother of Dragon

Mother of Dragon

Our pre-school has an incredible community of dynamic parents and every now and then, we are #blessed with some true greatness. For graduation, a legendary director and fellow parent declared that he would be the face painter for the party. This was possibly more exciting than Beyonce’s performance at my elementary school fundraiser (true). In the end he just did his own interprettion of what the kids requested. For instance, Cleo asked for a dragonfly so he made the bug body going across her mouth (mustache-style) and then painted two wings shooting up her face, over her eyes, and dabbed them with blue glitter. A dragonfly it was not. But it was art, people! If it were up to me, my child would never wash her face again. This Stella outfit is an ode to the winged wonder that my daughter requested – and was granted – in only a way that a genius could capture. Because in the end, does any child really want to look like just another freakin’ dragonfly?


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