Leave me hanging

Leave me hanging

Sleep. Still a hot topic for me. I met a few veteran moms at a benefit last night who reitterated how fast “it” all goes by and how you forget those sleepless nights so quickly…..Well, they’ll have to tell that to my out-of-nowhere crow’s feet and puffy lids (I’m thinking of dedicating a post to eye products.) Anyway, when I saw this darling mobile (which is a little precious for me but I love how simple and clean it would be for a super modern, minimalist nursery)  I remembered how much worse it was in the very, very beginning….Point being, that was only ten months ago and I already forgot.


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  1. noah's mom 9 years ago

    please do a post on puffy/wrinkly eyes – mine need tons of help!

  2. Piia H. 9 years ago

    Same here, beauty sleep needed, ASAP!!!

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