Latest Dance Craze

Latest Dance Craze

In the wake of my on-going nasty infection, my girls wanted to have our 5:00 Dance Party in my home office, which happens to have a domed ceiling and over-sized chandelier. It’s like a mini club, if you will. The song of choice was by Martin Solveig, and the “choice” song usually gets played at least ten times, mind you. Needing a real release, I taught the kids how to dance with their hair. I was like, “just let it all go!” And so we shook it like a poloroid picture. I realized how cathartic it can be to just get caught up in a moment from time to time. While we were grooving, Rafi found these crazy masks from a friend’s wedding and it made my think of these little gems and how much sweeter they would look on a dancing two year old (rather than the plaster cast Eyes Wide Shut style that she unfortunately discovered.) But the power of the beat transcended all oddities. Oonse!

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