I Always Feel Like

I Always Feel Like

Lately the girls have been begging us for a dog. So much so that Rafi has resorted to making Cleo her bitch. Literally. Like she will tie a jumprope around her and then demand that she bark. Like a little….It’s one part cute, one part sadistic, and two parts easier than our having to deal with a real freakin’ puppy. So what if we have to have the “your sister deserves respect” talk over and over and over again? Just recently I discovered Sara Lowes’ beautiful Animalesque masks-slash-headresses that come in rabbits, foxes and more. I couldn’t find a “King Charles Spaniel” style so I chose to post this stunning owl. I’m thinking of giving it to Gemma to wear and watch over Rafi while she is sleeping. Hoo hoo, little sister.

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