Hug it out

Hug it out

I love the attachments that kids form to their stuffed friends. It’s like a developmental instinct to want to adore something imaginary. But whenever I toss my girls the stylish bajillion-dollar handmade dolls I bought each of them for the holidays, they toss them back, grabbing instead a raggety dog (Gemma) and a Jellycat bunny (Rafi.) So what have I learned…that children like snuggly, goofy looking creatures over unrealistic figures wearing expensive looking outfits? Check. I hope to settle the score, however, with some amazing knit pals from Lucky Boy Sunday, a line I’ve loved for a long time. They’re quirky-chic in a Danish kind of way but mushy and lovable at the same time. We’ll see if they stay propped on the bookshelf or get piled under the duvet.


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