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Fashion finder

I never thought of this blog as a way to communicate with old friends with whom I rarely speak but when my friend Alisha left a message saying she “hears my voice everyday,” my heart instantly warmed. Today’s post is an ode to Alisha, a friend from Conde Nast who always dresses the part. She was the first to own Chanel’s hooded boots, the one who bought the Balenciaga leather bomber vest (and wore it, that’s right, once) and the mama with the quilted Chanel diaper bag. If I were crazy enough, I’d buy these Stella day-of-the-week undies for Gemma, surely a find Alisha has already discovered for her beautiful girl, Ever. But for someone with the most over-the-top stuff, she is truly the most down-to-earth girl.


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  1. Alisha 8 years ago

    ummmm was I ever that sassy?? Those days seem long gone-
    nowadays Im happy if I make the day without ketchup, cookies, and avocado mushed all over my last years Acne T-shirt and American Apparel leggings!! Lets call it an Ode to the ode’life…is more like it!!!

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