Dye job

Dye job

I didn’t really know how my tie dye activity would all go down, but I have to say it was fun, relatively easy, and appropriate for a three year old. Now it doesn’t hurt that my mom has an art studio in her back house but I suspect that you can also manage on a scrap of pavement (urban peeps), a patch of grass (suburban folk), or even in your bathroom if you throw down mad amounts of plastic (everyone)! The Jacquard kit is the best and comes with all the fixins, as well as adorable cartoon instruction pages. We dyed wife-beaters, but tee shirt dresses and – I’m about to date myself – socks (think: rainbow E.G.s) would also be really groovy. Or just really ’80s.


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  1. SIL 8 years ago

    So glad you guys enjoyed it!

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