Dually Noted.

Dually Noted.

My second grader, Gemma, has fallen inlove with the written word. At first, she was popping out of bed at midnight with ideas for her short stories, and now she’s obsessed with creating an anthology of poems. I recall how cheesy my writing was when I was her age, so I’m in constant amazement by her ability to create beautiful word flow. Wanting to encourage this form of expression, we bought her an IPad for her birthday – against our family therapist’s wishes (the woman is a total buzz-kill). Like a true eight year old, Gemma chose a purple cover and key board…and then like a true psycho, I took her to customize it with Anya Hindmarch stickers. While choosing between her initials, lightening bolts and a blurb that said, “sha-zam”, I explained to her that in the olden days, we had to write our stories in a notebook…with a pencil! A sad, un-monogrammed, composition notebook, that is. So I thought it was only fitting to post an Anya Hindmarch sticker-clad notebook to capture the spirit of today’s child, with the antiquated ways of today’s mother. In the end, she choose her initials, leaving her stamp on her work.

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