Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

It’s that time right now. The kids should be in bed but Jon and I have been diffusing responsibility so the girls are running around the house and bouncing off the walls. My five year just said, “We’re wired!” Don’t get me wrong. I love books and I love snuggling. But it’s the PJs and the water and the peeing and the questions and the this and the that…I have beds on the brain and thought it best to make today’s post about a super cool Numero 74 cot/seating area for your kid’s room. It will make sleep-overs chic and will serve up stylish sitting for dolls and animals. And now…in the words of a popular New York Times Best Seller, I will say: Go The F*ck To Sleep!!!

***As I am about to publish this post I hear, “Daddy, want to see my push-ups?” 

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