Dream On

Dream On

I haven’t written in some time to due to traveling and of course, the all-encompassing darkness that is this country’s future. But I’m starting to get some feeling back in my limbs – I was catatonic for about a week – and am ready to write about some damn superficial shit again. So in effort to bring more levity into my life, I’m planning on purchasing some magnificent paper flowers from The Green Vase, like these garden roses that I’ll put in Gemma’s new room when we all do a room swap in March. I mean, can you really be depressed while surrounded by invincible blooms? Assuming devices are locked and the TV ain’t on, of course. But when reality strikes (every hour, on the hour!), and we’re reminded that we can’t beautify our way out of this collective nightmare, we just have to try to be invincible too.

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