Desk Job

Desk Job

Today was our first day of Kindergarten. Big time. My daughter, so immersed in her stencils by the time we kissed good-bye, barely realized we left the room. Though she’s still a little kid in every way, her new elementary school reminds me that before we know it, she’ll be entering a more grown-up phase at home: the homework phase. Well for the next few years at least, she can use this Japanese designed desk by Ichiro as shelter for her animals – and whatever else seems to be jammed in that box. And while I don’t look forward to the days of desk work, with this versatile space, multiplication tables won’t be so boring.


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  1. Julie 6 years ago

    Awww I hope she has a great first year of school! That photo (and puppet show set up) is pretty darn cute.
    My daughter is 10 … she has a vintage steel desk with a vintage Emeco chair. You can check it out here:
    Take care,

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