Dancing queen

Dancing queen

My friend Natalie and I went to “The” Halloween store in Hollywood to see which costumes we could stomach buying for $39.99 (it should go without saying that we denied all the usual suspects like a sexy nurse, a slutty devil and the one we decided is the most played of all, wait for it…..a french maid.) So she is going as The Hangover, complete with an IV of Tequila that we found on some sketchy aisle. And the only thing I spotted that was somewhat rockin’ was a men’s aviation jumpsuit which I will have to style up a bit. And I’m stuffing Xanex in the pockets since I’m such a bad flier. (Funny?) This year my little one, who turns one on Thursday, is going to be Dancing With The Stars. This awesome boa will be part of her costume and no doubt part of her everyday life as it’s made by the all-amazing Atsuyo et Akiko.


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