Color me mine

Color me mine

Ask a parent friend what he or she loves about having kids and I bet you one of the things will be, Being able to throw yourself back into childhood (hopefully, your own but if not, a new one.) Granted, it kind of comes with the territory because you’re surrounded by childhood all the time. Just think: holidays are super fun again. Icing cupcakes become a creative release. Taking a walk around the block turns into a nature hike. But mostly, I find that building the anticipation toward something (and in my house, we build anticipation toward everything by default) is the most fulfilling because it forces you to appreciate everything in a new way. And I’m talking about a planned ski trip to Deer Valley to watching Little Mermaid for the first time to ice cream with sprinkles saved for desert. Here, a YSL coloring book, a find that blurs the line between kid fun and grown-up fun. And please don’t ask my why I was surfing Amazon France.


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