Caped crusader

Caped crusader

I do admit to loving a good cape. I own a metallic plaid knit Marni, a zippered sweatshirt Lounge Lover, and a cashmere Lutz & Patmos. That should cover all my “cape moods,” wouldn’t you say? But kids love them for reasons which I believe to be super hero related. That’s just my guess. So it doesn’t surprise me that my newest favorite pint-size ponchos come from the magical world of Wovenplay, which makes clothing that border on stylish costumes. This one, (a collaboration with Bobo Choses, a personal favorite!) is from their fall collection, so we’ll all have to wait until our tikes can have their own little fashion fairytale. And now it’s full-fledged spring in LA, which means I’ve long retired my cape(s) even though there are plenty of times where I still want to make a quick getaway.


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