Cake break

Cake break

After your child is a certain age, you might wonder why you’d need to tote around that extra pair of leggings (save for the newly potty trained, that is.) Well, if your daughter is like mine and has a quick trigger when she has just the slightest bit of flem, it’s projectile city. At a friend’s birthday party last week, this happened. One minute there’s birthday cake going in and then next, it’s coming out. My first impulse was to try to catch it all in my hands, which is never a good look. Luckily a friend of a friend had an extra pair of worn pajama bottoms and when we got to the car, I just saw Jon shaking his head because he knew what had gone down. So for future upheavals, I will arm myself with cuter bottoms like these that I found on this gorgeous French blog.

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