Blog lovin’

Blog lovin’

One of the things that took me by surprise when I started this blog was the immediate support granted by the typing community (well, at least in the mama blog world.) There’s no competition, just lots of shout-outs and referrals and love that’s doled out. Having spent my twenties in the vicious editorial landscape, I’m thrilled to vibe with like-minded, expressive, stylish women who are also juggling work and parenting. Just yesterday, I tripped upon this artsy blog, Diaper Style Memoirs and died over the cut out dolls in designer kids clothes (Lale barrettes, Ketiketa jumpsuits….Tous Chez!) I saw there was a “download” tab on there which is extra cool. So really, this post just is a cheesy high-five to all the other cool mother effers out there who love to share what they find, learn and know.





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