Bloch party

Bloch party

There’s so much chatter (or should I say speaking up) about how children don’t have enough time to play and “be bored” these days. The documentary Race to Nowhere talks about the dangers of over-scheduling and academic pressure and just today The New York Times published an article about the benefits of creating “a messy home” (meaning, letting your kids play freely, without restrictions.) As I wait to hear from pre-schools, all I can do is hope that the one we choose will provide an endless space to explore and create. Then again, my friend Liz didn’t enter the school system until kindergarten and she is a Brown grad, a published novelist, entrepreneur, and one of the most creative people I know. So as an adult, you could say she makes a case for home schooling! I believe that you need to trust yourself as a parent to know that time spent with your kids is about quality and focused energy…That said, I also feel that you can’t beat yourself up about it when you need to perch them in front of Elmo. We’re only human. Here, some great looking blocks from Play Shapes that are sure to kick-start any imagination.


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