Better Bake

Better Bake

Last week I brought my five year old on a two hour tour of Heart of Los Angeles, a fantastic after-school program that provides academics, art and music to kids living below poverty level. I wondered how much she understood despite all of my explaining. This week I volunteered at school to help her class make sandwiches for the homeless and again, asked myself how much the kids absorbed when the teachers spoke about people without homes. Our Christmas mission is to collect enough money for her “Tzedakah Box” (thank you, Jewish holiday kid services) to buy presents for a family at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, an institution that needs constant support. For many, teaching your children about those less fortunate is an on-going challenge, especially if you live in a bubble like Los Angeles. But since exposure is key (even at this age) we decided that we would all partake in a bake sale over Thanksgiving for more CHLA money. Family members are the best people to hit up for charity anyway, right? This beautiful kitchen from Palumba, a birthday gift to my youngest, is a lovely way to help her get in the baking groove. With time we hope that she appreciates it.

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