Total Recall

Total Recall

I recently did a full-on closet purge, re-organization and chandelier installation, with the help of a professional organizer. After adding a Moroccan rug as the final touch, I swear I felt like a new woman. What I learned: it’s amazing what joy your closet can provide if you give it some love and affection. And I should mention that I totally struck gold during the wipe-out: I unearthed an oversized Gucci scarf from the Tom Ford years that was purchased impulsively during my Conde Nast days (please, I had a friend who worked at the house). Back then I used to twist it up and wear it as a halter top to da’ cluub. Well guess what? I’m not doing that anymore! And instinctively, I knew exactly how to re-imagine aforementioned halter. Since my current oversized Gucci scarf pillow has been ripping apart at the corners, this ’90s chinoiserie version will make a stunning new one, thrown atop my big girl bed. Also purged in the fire: mini skirts and wrap tops. Don’t look so shocked.

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