I don’t understand a neutral palette and I don’t do rustic, natural or clean. So it’s no surprise that I’m not a white wall kind of girl. I’m not sure what that says about my personality – the need to be surrounded by color and prints – but it’s just who I am. Incidentally, it’s just who Jon is too…so it works out. This morning he forwarded me these Houzz images which declared that Scandinavian style is now about rich hues and color blocking. I don’t even really understand what Houzz is – if someone can please explain this phenomenon to me, that would rock. Regardless, I can’t stop thinking about this “two toned teal” combo that begs to be layered in my next living room. Especially if that living room is in Norway.

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  1. Ronni Wadler 3 years ago

    Love the 2 shades of pink along with the 2 shades of teal!

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